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Interested in getting your creative entrepreneurial business up and running?

We have assembled a series of informative and useful links on everything from start-up advice, to planning, research, and funding sources.

Are you currently wondering if your business falls under the category of a creative business? If you are unsure, the answer would be YES if you are looking to start a business in one of the following sectors:

  • advertising
  • architecture
  • art
  • community cultural organizations
  • crafts
  • cultural facilities and spaces
  • cultural heritage
  • culture retail
  • design
  • digital media
  • fashion
  • festivals and events
  • film
  • interactive and digital media
  • internet publishing and broadcasting
  • music
  • natural heritage
  • performing arts
  • publishing
  • research and development
  • software
  • toys and games
  • TV and radio
  • video games

Now that you know your business falls under the creative sector and you have found our website full of links to resources for the creative entrepreneur, it is time for you to start looking through the sections on this webpage! Scan through the sections and familiarize yourself with all of the resources out there for you, or find a specific section that you are interested in to help you make your idea into a real business. The resources include the following sections: